For over 20 years multichannel works using my custom Max/MSP software have been performed on systems with 3 speakers, quad, 5.1 with displaced center speakers, hexaphonic systems, 7 channels (the eighth speaker was broken), octophonic / centered octophonic, 8-channel cube systems, 16 channels, 56 channels (at CCRMA/Stanford 2019), and a Wavefield Synthesis System ​(Hochschule für Musik & Technik, Hamburg 2012). Works from the Radio Panspermia project stream multichannel audio over the internet to the audiences’ smartphones and other devices.

The practice started out with pickups situated on different spots on a guitar, sending audio to individual speakers during our planetarium performance 1997. A residency at Engine 27 (2002) laid the groundwork to handle 16 channels of spatialized audio using Max/MSP. Residencies at Diapason 2010 and Montalvo from 2016 to 2018 allowed me to extend the concept to incorporate multiple moving sound objects, and to perform in any loudspeaker configuration, up to 64 channels.