A digital-only elewhale production, recorded July 2014 at Spectrum, NYC. Michael Lytle – Bass Clarinet, Andrew Drury – Drums and Percussion, Ken Filano – Acoustic Bass, Shoko Nagai – Piano, Hans Tammen – Acoustic Guitar,  Tomas Ulrich – Cello

Michael Lytle’s Liner Notes

I believe good improvisation is almost always better than composed music. You just can’t write this stuff. This is one of those instances that proves the point. (As are many recordings on this site.)

I’m always careful to ask the best improvisers I know in the most interesting combinations of range, texture and sonority. In this case we have strings, percussion and bass clarinet, all playing without amplification. All of these musicians are well know here in New York as fine improvisors and innovators. I’m not going to say much about them that you can’t already hear here, so please check out their web sites for more detail.

Michael Lytle - producer and bass clarinet. elewhale.net
I am best known for the quality of my improvisation and how I contribute to the group as a whole. Also I have developed a system of playing the clarinet family that is unique.

Andrew Drury - drums and percussion - andrewdrury.com Andrew has shown the ability to play far beyond the drum set and adapts himself to several different styles. He also produces his own excellent concert series in Brooklyn.

Ken Filiano - acoustic bass - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Filiano
It seems like Ken has played with everybody and is in terrific demand here in the city. He is a wonderful performer who stands out in almost any music.

Shoko Nagai - piano - www.shokonagai.net
Shoko is a very accomplished pianist (who also plays the accordion) and is one of the most tasteful and attentive players I know.

Hans Tammen - acoustic guitar - tammen.org
Hans is well known for his works for orchestra and electronics. Here he proves his considerable ability at acoustic guitar as well.

Tomas Ulrich - cello - musicians.allaboutjazz.com/tomasulrich
One of the best cellists improvising today, I like Tom for his real enthusiasm and creativity.