Third Eye Tel Aviv Electric Band: Fri Apr 18 at HaTeiva

Friday, April 18, 9pm

HaTeiva, Shderot Yerushalaim 19 (parking lot level), Tel Aviv – Jaffa

“Factory (A strike!) Prison (The leader of the strikers is arrested!) Masters of the Universe (Declaration of a lockout!) Ball for the Masters of the Universe (Ending with revolution and victory of the workers!) Stock Exchange. Seizure of the stock exchange by the proletariat, who turn it into a pantheon of work.”

With an all-star ensemble from Tel Aviv, Israel, Hans Tammen’s ZAVODNIKS fuse relentless polyrhythmic machinations with ethereal yet roughly sewn soundscapes, like a mix of Mwandishi, Bitches Brew and Sextant, with a hint of Magma. Dark, sometimes brooding ensemble passages mix and mingle with tightly woven drum-loops, and extended solo cadenzas build up to a mighty hymn to machine work, music of a metallic nightmare.

Machine 1: Gilad Roth, Ariel Shiboleth
Machine 2: Dafna Naphtali, Daniel Davidovsky
Machine 3: Daniel Sarid, Ido Bukelman
Machine 4: Nadav Masel
Machine 5: Nir Sabag, Ofer Bymel
Hans Tammen – composing & binary conducting

…followed by a performance of Dafna Naphtali, Ofer Bymel & Daiel Davidovsky!