Acoustic Frontier at Spectrum July 2


Michael Lytle – bassclarinet Shoko Nagai – piano Hans Tammen – acoustic guitar Tomas Ullrich – cello Andrew Drury – percussion Ken Filiano – bass Spectrum 121 Ludlow, Second Floor, New York, New York 10002

[Jun 16] Joker Nies & Miguel Frasconi’s Omnichord Madness at Harvestworks

Joker Nies

Miguel Frasconi (New York) and Joker Nies (Cologne) modify or build their instruments to their needs, creating music from a uniquely imagined tradition. Apart from various analog devices, modified electronic toys and high-end synth modules, they both work with the Omnichord, an electronic autoharp that in its modified, or “bent” form, is a favorite instrument of composers looking for unique ways to create spontaneous and delicate music with subtle control. Continue reading

[Jun 17] Michael Vorfeld’s Light Bulb Music at REVERSE

Michael Vorfeld

Michael Vorfeld is a composer and visual artist, who realizes installations and performances with light and sound. He will present Light Bulb Music, using sounds that are generated by different light bulbs and actuating devices. This is accompanied by a lecture giving insight into the history of the incandescent lamp, and a screening of his film “Leuchtstoff”, a film about light, shadow and motion. Continue reading

[Jun 18] Dark Circuits Festival Party at Silent Barn

Joker Nies

The trio of Andrea Parkins, Phillip Stearns and Electro-Sapiens Joker Nies will create sonic fields of lush harmonics and sculpted electronic feedback, re-resisting the circuits into new sound territory. Dafna Naphtali and Jane Rigler, known for their innovative approach to live sound processing, set their duo on a crazed collision course of the acoustic and the electronic. Turntablist Maria Chavez and feedback based instrumentalist Phillip White exploit the tension between rigorous, closed electronic systems and the urgency of human compulsion. Joshua Fried aka RADIO WONDERLAND turns mass culture into recombinant funk. Plus Lars Graugaard aka Lars From Mars will DJ between sets! Continue reading