Dark Circuits workshops perform large multi-movement pieces by ensembles using contemporary electronic instrument practices such as circuit bending, no-input mixers, laptops, turntablism, analogue circuitry, network sniffers, live coding and soldering, and more. 

For Third Eye Chamber/Jazz ensemble workshops see here.

Festival Performance

With professional musicians such as 2009 at Cyberfest, St. Petersburg, Russia, and 2012 Gogolfest Kiev/Ukraine. One afternoon to get acquainted with the score and the conducting signs, followed by the performance.

College Workshops

Such as at a two-day event at Oberlin College 2010, or at Buffalo State 2014. In addition to get ready for the score, the workshop focuses on musical and technical issues specifically to electronic instruments, followed by the public performance. E,g, at Oberlin College we paired an acoustic with a laptop performer for individual live sound processing.

littleBits Orchestra Workshops

Such as for MakeMusicNY 2014/15. In addition to get ready for the performance, the workshop focuses on getting beginners acquainted with synthesizers. The score includes pictures of the module combinations on top, graphic notations and written instructions on the bottom of the pages.

See a detailed workshop announcement for the MakeMusicNY beginners workshop here.
See a detailed workshop announcement for the intermediate littleBits Band here.

Workshops for self-designed electronic instruments

With circuit bending, no-input mixers, analogue circuitry and synths, noise makers…and other creative ways to produce sounds electronically, such as at the Bent Festival 2011, or MakeMusicNY 2012/13. The workshop focuses specifically on the performers idiosyncratic approaches. Ideally this is at least a two-day workshop, to have enough time to program (and solder) before the performance.

Dark Circuits Modular Synth Orchestra

As part of MakeMusicNY 2016, the Modular Synth Orchestra focused on analog synths.
After the performance the group recorded the CD “Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra:Ten Minutes Late With No Bus In Sight And No Taxi Either”, see here.

Dark Circuits Pd Orchestra

As part of the PdCon~ 2016 conference, the Pd Orchestra focused on players working with, well, Pd.

Max/MSP Intensive Workshop

Such as 2012 at CalArts. Ideally this is a one-week beginner’s workshop, in which an instrument is created that can be used in performance. Every day focuses on one specific part of the instrument, followed by a short practice session with the score. The workshop ends with a public performance.

Dark Circuits and Light Workshops

Such as at CultureHub 2014/15. The workshop is for audio & visual performers, the score is written for both. Ideally this is at least a two-day workshop, to have enough time to program audio and visuals before the performance.