Upcoming Concerts:

  1. Saturday, October 5th at around 1pm. Part of Phill Niblock Tribute at Roulette.
  2. Monday, October 7th at 7pm, at Artists Space / Abasement Series.

Hans Tammen's Dark Circuits Orchestra, this time consisting of 20 musicians playing analog synthesizers, plays orchestra pieces of Phill Niblock, and the drone pages of Cornelius Cardew's Treatise.

With Lucie Vitkova, Marcia Bassett, Teerapat Parmongkol, Alex Zhu, Luke Dubois, Emad Jamal, Monica Rocha, Shoko Nagai, Crystal Penalosa, Chuck Bettis, Kamran Sadeghi, Michael Schumacher, David Galbraith, Daniel Neumann, David First, Abby Davis, David Rothenberg, Daniel Neumann, Ben Manley, Miguel Frasconi, Andrew Neumann, Laura Feathers & Hans Tammen. Visuals by Katherine Liberovskaya.

1. Phill Niblock: Baobab (2011)
2. Phill Niblock: 2 Lips (2008)
3. Cornelius Cardew: Treatise (1963-67) Pages 7-19, 41-44

All photos courtesy of Alice Arnold https://a2studio.org/