AHA 1101, recorded 2011, released 2011 on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 46:23 Minutes. Christoph Irmer – violin, Hans Tammen – endangered guitar + violin live sound processing. Recorded by Filipe Chagas, Harvestworks, New York.

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Since their first performances together in the beginning of the 80s, Christoph Irmer (violin) and Hans Tammen (guitar & violin live sound processing) have developed a unique style for improvisations with violin and electronics. Their music changes frequently between soundscapes and fierce sonic outbursts, and draws extensively from their almost 40 year long collaboration. Following their 2005 release Oxide (on Portuguese Creative Sources label), this recording focuses extensively on live sound processing of both instruments, their sounds transformed into an alien world of bizarre textures and jarring Euclidean rhythms.

Cover Image “Mein lieber Scholli” by Ulla Riedel –

Oxide in Cologne 2012