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Due to changes in shipping cost and the decline of Compact Disc purchases I simplified the webstore.

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Cost per CD/DVD is $13, plus $5 for shipping / handling (domestic and international) – same price for up to 3 CDs or DVDs. Email me here if you have questions, or if you buy a Mini-CD or CD in metal box.

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The following releases are available as CD from this website:

  • CD Rothenberg Hein Tammen - Bird Saw Buchla
  • CD Endangered (Noise) Guitar 1994
  • CD Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra
  • CD Endangered Guitar Live - Deus Ex Machina
  • CD Music For Choking Disklavier
  • CD Sharawaji w/ Satoshi Takeishi
  • CD Erdtöne: Notation des Lots (Rerelease)
  • CD Die Schrauber Live in Europe
  • CD Arson w/ Denman Maroney
  • CD Oxide II
  • CD Kärpf
  • CD ICMC 2010 – International Computer Music Conference CD
  • CD Third Eye Orchestra
  • CD/DVD Die Schrauber Live in Mexico
  • DVD Hans Tammen + John Jannone live at IssueProjectRoom
  • CD Oxide
  • DVD Shadow Puppies Live at Roulette 2003 (Video)
  • CD Intersecting A Cone With A Plane
  • CD Ensemble 2INCQ: Rhön
  • CD Expedition – Live at the Knitting Factory