Saturday, June 18, 2016 – from 3pm to 5pm

Harvestworks Experience Lab on Governors Island, Nolan Park, Bldg. 5B

Harvestworks will host artists open studios, an exhibition of digital media art and provide a workshop and research room to educate the public about how artists use new and emerging technology for artistic expression.  In the TEAM lab, the public will see a finished work of art and be able to experience the core principals, the materials and the techniques to putting these works together on Saturdays from 3 – 5 pm starting June 4, 2016. Artists include Steve Bull, Thessia Machado, Anna Pasztor, Victoria Vesna and Charles Taylor, David Morneau, Hans Tammen, Ed Bear.

Exploring Synthesis With The Littlebits Synth / Hans Tammen

Did you ever want to play with synthesizers but didn’t know how to start? Do you already play with the littleBits synth but want to learn cool new tricks? The littleBits are tiny synthesizer modules connected via magnets allowing for quick changes in the signal chain. With a wide range of modules available – oscillators, filters, envelope generators, random voltage and noise generators, sequencers, keyboards, and much more – they are great to learn the basics of sound synthesis. In this workshop we’ll approach each synth Bit from the point of playability. You’ll explore the endless combinations in the Synth Kit, plus the course is practical because we may also play together and collaborate as a musical group, and can watch how a millimeter here or there makes a huge musical difference.

There are no other prerequisites. The course is geared toward beginners who want to get into electronic music using synthesizers, or those who already own a synth but want to know what happens under the hood.

You can bring your own kit, but there will also be a few kits at hand for you to try out, courtesy of Make:STEAM and littleBits.

See the announcement for the 2014 and 2015 MakeMusicNY beginner’s workshop here, and the 2015 intermediate littleBits Band workshop here.

littleBits Installation Preview / Governors Island

Dark Circuits Festival littleBits Orchestra 2014

with Matthew Ostrowski, Andrea Parkins, Dafna Naphtali, Miguel Frasconi, Phillip Stearns, Philip White, Joshua Fried, Shoko Nagai, Maria Chavez, Satoshi Takeishi, Joker Nies, Mario DeVega, Lars Graugaard and Michael Vorfeld. At DarkCircuits Festival 2014

MakeMusicNY littleBits Orchestra 2014/2015

Chuck Bettis, Dafna Naphtali, Levy Lorenzo, Hans Tammen