F[r]iction is part of enTsemble. Fiction = friction. Sofy Yuditskaya, Monica Rocha, Johannes Sistermanns and Hans Tammen come together for the sake of the sound and the silences in between the sounds. It is about the room and how we relate to it and each other within it. It's about listening and being present in the moment. Friction is a cue to listen more deeply. We don't always want to know the motivations behind every move. And yet: we are curious about what provokes each action, each sound, sculpture, body surrounding emptiness. Breaking out of it, like a crash, falling back into silence, unmoving. Network, intensity, authenticity, simple frame, noise, listening floors... time is too short for us to break off after 45 minutes. EnTsemble always meets again, somewhere else, hearing grass grow.

[world premiere, title "f[r]iction"?]

Sofy Yuditskaya is a site-specific media artist and educator working with sound, video, interactivity, projections, code, paper, and salvaged material. Monica Rocha is an artist who works in photography, performance, and sound. Johannes Sistermanns stages his compositions as media/electroacoustic performances, soundplastic, radioart, music theatre and urban environment. Hans Tammen is just another worker in rhythms, frequencies and intensities, and likes to set sounds in motion, then sitting back to watch the movements unfold.