Gold Bolus Recordings GBR059, released February 2022. Compilation including Méta-Matic by Carlos Cotallo Solares & Hans Tammen. Compilation organized by Dave Ruder / Gold Bolus.

The Super Bolus is a (mostly) annual celebration by Gold Bolus Recordings of the community that the label documents. Starting in 2016, The Super Bolus is an invitation for anyone who has released music on the label to reinterpret the works of anyone else on the label or to create something new with someone else on the label. The first four Super Boluses were live events in NYC, but in 2022, we're bringing you the first recorded Super Bolus.

This year’s output is a healthy mix of duo creations from first-time collaborators and reinterpretations spanning the GBR back catalogue. The duo collaborations often span genre and generation in creating something new. The reinterpretations show the versatility the artists & recordings of Gold Bolus and take songs, pieces, and improvisations in wonderfully unexpected directions.

With Sam Morrison, Jonah Rosenberg, John Murchison, Woody Leslie, Angela Morris, Pat O'Reilly, Gelsey Bell, Sugar Vendil, Joseph White, Paul Pinto, Brian McCorkle, Aliza Simons, Hans Tammen, Carlos Cotallo Solares, Kristina Warren, John King, Dave Ruder, Anne Rhodes, Erin Rogers, Andrew Livingston, Jeff Tobias, Jonathan Zorn, & Dennis Sullivan.

Gold Bolus strives to keep the conversation going between our artists whether they just released something or their last release was five years ago. The Super Bolus is our annual opportunity to keep things fresh and circulating.