I played in a rock band in the 1970s, and to create psychedelic effects during our performances we ran audio from our amplifiers straight into coils of TV sets next to the stage. It was with this experience in mind that I approached my residency at Signal Culture in Owego 2017. They provided me with analog video synthesizers mostly built in the mid-70s such as Dave Jones’ Raster Manipulator and Colorizer, a Wobbulator (popularized by Nam June Paik) and the Hearn Videolab. There are also various oscilloscopes, a Dave Jones MVIP and a Critter & Guitari Videoscope – all of the above were at some point used in the materials created. SCHMELZHARSCH is part of a series of pieces creating connections between analog video and audio synthesizers. All audio is from a Buchla Music Easel and a Hordijk Blippoo Box. The audio synths send control voltage into each other as a feedback loop to set up various self-running processes. These in turn are sent into the analog video processing units to affect the visuals.

For the audio portion a Buchla Music Easel and a Hordijk Blippoo Box were used. 

Using an oscilloscope as the source material: