Clang 034, released 2016. 28 Minutes. Lars Graugaard (interactive compiter) and Hans Tammen (endangered guitar). Recording: Lars Graugaard and Hans Tammen, October 22, 2015 at James L. Dolan Recording Studio, NYU Steinhardt, New York, USA. Technical assistants: Daniel Pasqual and Urosh Jovanovich , mix and mastering: Lars Graugaard, James L. Dolan Recording Studio, NYU Steinhardt, artwork: Vladyslav Kamensky.

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The endangered guitar is Hans Tammen’s guitar-add-computer hybrid, and a vehicle for unending sonic explorations. Together with Lars Graugaard's sophisticated interactive computer sounds, patterns and grooves they become Infernal Machines, and a world of rhythms and sonic escapes opens up. Their performances and recordings is music with tight electronic punches, dizzying chases and unreal, compelling atmospheres.

This is neither “infernal” nor any other kind of wretched music, but music of a place in space that is rife with sonic pleasures, intense and dangerous encounters, and mesmerising even irresistible delights. But the music has conceptual layers that makes it monumental in its complexity and with an intensity that certainly can be suggestive of otherworldly creatures.
The digital, non-human sounds and melodic gestures are counter-balanced by construed yet strangely natural rhythm patterns and motions where beats drift in and out of time, mutate and wash away, only to be reeled back in and dressed up for more adventures. This gives the album a warm and structured feel with long stretches that develop with tranquility and composure, in spite of the sizzling and burning energy that lies immediately beneath and constantly pierce the sonic surface. Like a husky patina on what is not really such a rigid and unyielding shell.