Feb 12th, 2016, 7 – 10pm:
Rakete bee bee? Rakete bee zee! A Monster Celebration Of Dada’s 100th Anniversary At Spectrum
Spectrum – https://www.facebook.com/spectrumNYC
121 Ludlow Street, #2, New York, NY 10012
Essex stop on J, M and Z trains; Delancey stop on F Train

At the 100th anniversary of Dada, New York’s premier performance venue Spectrum commemorates this event with a 3hr evening of performances, sound poetry, music, and visuals. Curated by Hans Tammen, the evening will feature works by Angela Babin & Cristian Amigo, Briggan Krauss, David Simons, & Lisa Karrer with Denman Maroney, Antidada, Frances Wang, Gisburg & Louie Terrier, Josh Sinton & Megan Schubert, Katya Naphtali, Melissa Grey & David Morneau, Damien Olson, Sarah Bernstein & Stuart Popejoy, Steve Bull, François Grillot’s Dada A Gogo, Terry Dame and Kevin Ramsay. Prof. David Hyman from Lehman College lectures us on the fact that Dada lectures do not mean anything. The evening concludes with a dance performance of the Gaddadelics, ingeniously fusing pre and post Dada masterpieces.


Performers in alphabetical order:

Angela Babin & Cristian Amigo: The Exquisite Corpse Part II
Antidada: Autodada
Briggan Krauss: Disbelief Optional
Damien Olsen: Concorde (how she come to start this..? )
David Simons, Lisa Karrer & Denman Maroney: Canterel’s Garden
Frances Yuan Wang: Prism Zero
Francois Grillot’s Dada A Gogo
Gaddadelics: Das Sandwich – Ganz entspannt im Hier und Jetzt
Gisburg & Loui Terrier: Dedesnn nn rrrr, li Ee, mpiff tillff toooo, tillll, Jüü-Kaa?
Josh Sinton & Megan Schubert: re-ember-member, a musico-theatrical artifact
Katya Naphtali: Why so Siri-ous?
Kevin Ramsay: Inzalo Ye Langa
Melissa Grey & David Morneau: Gadget Berry Dimple – A Glossary of False Translation
Sarah Bernstein & Stuart Popejoy: ADADADADADADADADA
Steve Bull: Dada Oximeter
Terry Dame: The Dump Trump Pump meets Dada’s Pencils

Lecture by Prof. David Hyman, Lehman College: Dada Lectures Do Not Mean Anything