Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 20 2010
by Dafna Naphtali and Hans Tammen

“The authors elaborate on their individual approaches to improvising, music and technology, and how their approaches have been influenced by their history as musicians. They describe the evolution of their software programming for Naphtali’s interactive processed sound/noise system and Tammen’s hybrid instrument the Endangered Guitar.”


Leonardo Music Journal

Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ), also published by The MIT Press, is the companion annual journal to Leonardo. LMJ is devoted to aesthetic and technical issues in contemporary music and the sonic arts. The thematic issues feature artists and writers from around the world, representing a wide range of stylistic viewpoints. Each volume includes the latest offering from the LMJaudio series—an exciting sampling of works chosen by a guest curator and accompanied by notes from the composers and performers.

LMJ features articles written by composers and artists about their own work. It has three main editorial areas. First, it is particularly concerned with the interplay between new technologies, music and sound art. Second, LMJ seeks to document ways in which contemporary science and technology are changing our understanding of sound and music, as well as other ways in which science and technology may be relevant to contemporary composers and sound artists. Third, it seeks to document the work of composers and sound artists developing new multimedia art forms that combine sound with other media, particularly works that take advantage of new multimedia and interactive technologies.