Photo: Leo Rauh


“A bracing sequence of seismic dynamics, barbarous stabs of modified frequencies, snippets taken from heaven-knows-what-third-world-radio, children at play with their own atomization, ominous manipulations…, problematic timbral layerings, rhythms that would not remain in place if nailed with a mallet.” (Mssimo Ricci, Touching Extremes)

Hans Tammen – endangered guitar, live sound processing
Joker Nies – omnichord, circuit bent instruments
Mario DeVega – turntables, objects

Hailed by their critics as “fiercely intrepid improvisers”, who would “win any title fight against the bastard sons of onkyo”, the trio DIE SCHRAUBER produces a wide variety of dense musical textures and high-energy interaction. With veteran circuit bender Joker Nies (Cologne), Mario deVega (Berlin) on amplified objects and turntables, and Hans Tammen (New York) on Endangered Guitar and live sound processing, the trio exerts extreme control over their bizarre instruments.

Hans Tammen (New York) works with a bizarre collection of mechanical devices on his “endangered” guitars, and uses an interactive software of his own design to rework his sounds in realtime. His music has been described by “Signal To Noise” as “…a killer tour de force of post-everything guitar damage”.

Joker Nies (Cologne) modifies or builds his instruments to his needs. Apart from other techniques, he acts as a connector of circuits not intentionally related. He touches and combines the circuitry of the instruments through skin-resistance, creating spontaneous and delicate music with subtle control.

Mario de Vega (Berlin) works with several self-designed sound objects, analog and modified electronics, turntables and computer based interfaces. His work moves towards glitch sampling, microtonal scratches, pips, squeaks, and needlesharp noise clusters developed by a wide range of self-design and hacked gadgets.

Since 2005, the trio has played in Mexico, South Africa, the US, Canada and all over Europe.

“They exploit their remarkable control and on-the-fly flexibility on this caffeinated exchange of pointillist fractals, oscillations, whirrs, drones, whizzes, buzzes, slurps, whoops, pops and clacks that bombard and scorch the ears with a heat-seeking intensity.” (Signal To Noise)

Die  Schrauber live on MS Stubnitz, Amsterdam Harbor 2008

Die Schrauber live in Mexico 2005 / Transitio_MX Festival

Die  Schrauber live at Dark Circuits Festival 2014

"Here’s an appropriate paradigm of amazingly dynamic EAI that wins any title fight against the bastard sons of onkyo." (Massimo Ricci / Bagatellen)