Double-CD Quarantine Notes

CYLAND Audio Archive CAA-50, recorded 2020, released 2021. Various artists, includes Between the Earth and Sky by Hans Tammen. Compiled by Sergei Komarov, mastered by Kurt Liedward, artwork by SETKA design.

It was quite interesting to see/hear how sound artists around the globe spending their quarantine last 2020 spring. When first wave of COVID-19 madness caught us by surprise, all possible life rhythms are collapsed it was also important to support artists any possible way. So this double CD compilation is short list of open call initiated by Cyland. Winner (Nikita) was engaged to release opening CD with album called 'Te' and all other great shortlisted participants are taking place on the second CD. Enjoy with imaginary meeting with sound artists in their workshops. See Bandcamp version below.

Between the Earth and Sky

An ambisonic recorder is bouncing around in the back compartment of a moped on the streets of New York. 4 voices plus a Buchla drone on all channels. Listen to the Radio Panspermia version here:

On Bandcamp