MUL022, recorded 2010, released on Mulatta Records. Total Time 63:18

Spontaneous River is an orchestra of over 35 string improvisers plus drum set.  It is only in recent years that so many string players have engaged in the art of improvisational music. Spontaneous River is an ensemble and a community that represents this emerging movement. The power of Spontaneous River is drawn from both the sonic unity of strings and the undeniable individualism of each musician’s “voice.” Mr. Hwang composition, Symphony of Souls is a spontaneous flow of notated passages and conducted improvisations that express stories abundant with flora, fauna and dreams of the human spirit.

Symphony of Souls was recorded on April 24, 2010, at Systems II in Brooklyn. The outstanding musicians of Spontaneous River donated their artistry to unite and create this extraordinary music. Mr. Hwang’s violin improvisation provides the preface and epilogue to Symphony of Souls, which is approximately one hour. Spontaneous River has performed in New York City at Vision Festival, Living Theater, Galapagos and Project Reach. In Ann Arbor, a Spontaneous River of local and festival musicians, performed at Edgefest.

Spontaneous River includes Ken Filiano (string bass) and Andrew Drury (drum set), who are members of Mr. Hwang’s quartet EDGE. Spontaneous River, which is multi-generational and cultural, is only possible because of the faith these artists have in each other to inspire and create this extraordinary music.

See more information on Jason’s website here. Preview and buy  from Bandcamp below.

DRUMS:   Andrew Drury 
VIOLIN:  Trina Basu, Sarah Bernstein, Charles Burnham, Julianne Carney, Mark Chung, Fung Chern Hwei, Rosi Hertlein, Elektra Kurtis, Gwen Laster, Marlene Rice, Dave Soldier, Curtis Stewart, Midori Yamamoto, Helen Yee 
VIOLA:  Leanne Darling, Nicole Federici, Judith Insell, Eric Salazar, David Wallace
GUITAR:  Cristian Amigo, Bradley Farberman, James Keepnews, Dom Minasi, David Ross, Tor Snyder, Hans Tammen
CELLO:  Martha Colby, Loren Dempster, Daniel Levin, Tomas Ulrich, Shanda Wooley 
STRING BASS:  Michael Bisio, Ken Filiano, Francois Grillot, James Ilgenfritz, Clifton Jackson, Tom Zlabinger

Photo by Scott Friedlander