A tribute to the works of Dutch designer Rob Hordijk

FlagDay Recordings FDR 6 5, released 2022. Total Time: 71:54 Minutes. With Sam Weaver, Todd Barton, Joker Nies, Jim O'rourke, Richard Scott, John Chantler, Hans Tammen, Jos Smolders, Gino Robair and Biyi Amez. Includes Hans Tammen’s AMA-NO-MURAKUMO-NO-TSURUGI for Blippoo Box Chaotic Synthesizer.

Produced By Richard Scott And Jos Smolders, Mastered By Jos Smolders, December 2020. Artwork & Layout By S. Hardacre Design.

This compilation is a tribute to the works of Dutch designer Rob Hordijk, who in the last two decades has created a unique and extraordinary range of electronic instruments. On numerous occasions he has shared his vast and fundamental knowledge to the scene and to some of us individually. In conversation with rob he always shares his deep understanding of the physics of sound, explaining how you can employ electronic circuits to produce not only the purest waves but most of all how they can work together as an organic musical instrument.

Each instrument in the Hordijk system has been personally designed and produced by Rob, often resulting in a personal connection with the purchaser. Owning a Hordijk system or a Blippoo box one senses the hand of the master.