3-minute piece on Hipshot Records CD 021, released by Mike Cooper. 37 artists on 36 tracks on this three-CD-set.

The album is meanwhile available on Mike’s Bandcamp site, preview and buy here:

Artists on CD 1

Gary Butler, Thurston Moore, Ben Mandelson, Jack Rose, Lawrence English, Ezekiel Healy, Bruce Russell, Greg Malcone, Matt Valentine, Susan Alcorn, Jole Picard, David Toop –

Artists on CD 2

Hans Tammen, Elliott Sharp, Tim Catlin, Candlesnuffer, Paolo Agnelli, Marco Cappelli, Tom Carter, Fuji, Tetuzi Akayama, Chris Forsyth, Phil Bird, Robin Schmidt, Jean Marc Montera, Erhard Hirt

Artists on CD 3

Stephan Basho Junghans, Sharif Sehnaoui, Eli Queen, Keith Rowe & Oren Ambarchi, Manuel Mota, Elio, Martusciello, Mike Cooper, David keenan, Keenan Lawler, Dean Roberts