"Three Channel Guitar" on EMF CD 028, released by Electronic Music Foundation. Total Time: 171 minutes. 171 artists on this three-CD-set. This is the fifth "State of the Union" release by Elliott Sharp. 171 artists on this three-CD-set, each one contributed a one minute piece! This is the fifth “State of the Union” release, which has been Elliott Sharps´ ongoing project since the zOaR Records release in 1982. Profits go to the National Coalition Against Censorship

This CD set does not seem to be available anymore.

From The EMF-Website

This amazing 3-CD set of contemporary sound and text-based music may be just what you need to live a full life. Elliott Sharp set aside his sax and guitar to collect one-minute music and sound works by 171 leading lights of the international avant-garde, both famous and unknown, that represent a vast array of approaches, attitudes, aesthetics, ethnicities, musical styles, and social persuasions. He describes the collection as “concrete, abstract, enraged, objective, caustic, soulful, sardonic, provocative — all unfiltered, all clear.” It’s more than that. It’s totally enjoyable. Unmissable. A bandwagon you should get on without missing a beat. Play State of the Union 2001 on Random Shuffle!

Artists on CD 1

Adriana Sa, Alfred Harth, Alan Licht, Allen Kaatz, Alma Carey-Zúñiga, Alvin Curran, Angela Babin and Lori Bingel, Annie Gosfield, Atau Tanaka, Becca Schack, Ben Boone and James Miley, Benjamin Chadabe, Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, Black Sifichi, Blaise Siwula, Blake Hargreaves and Liam Thurston, Bob Holman, Bruce Bennett, Carl Stone, C.D., Charles K. Noyes, Chop Shop, Chris Haskett, Christian Marclay, Chris Mann, Chris Rael, Chris Vine, Cook & Swenson, Dael Orlandersmith, D’Divaz, Dafna Naphtali, Daniel Matej, Dave Soldier and Richard Lair , Swing, David First, David Fulton, David Gans, David Greenberger, David Taylor, Deaf Mute, Debra DeSalvo, Doug Henderson, Donald Knaack, Don Ritter, Dorgon, Duck Baker, Elio Martusciello, Emily XYZ and Virgil Moorefield, Eric Mingus, Eric Rosenzveig, Eric Shanfield, Eszter Balint, Eyeball 9000, FemNoir, Figure, Foetus.

Artists on CD 2

Frank Rothkamm, Fred Frith, Freight Elevator Quartet, GenKen Montgomery, Gert Jan Prins, Hans Tammen, Harriet Tubman, Harry Smith, Henry Kaiser, i.d., Ikue Mori, Jack Womack, Jacob Burckhardt , Jad Fair, Jean Marc Montera, Jeffrey Ford, Jenn Reeves, Joel Chadabe, Joey Baron, John Duncan, John Hudak, Johnny Reinhard, Jonathan Bepler, Jon Rose, Jorge Mancini and Andrea Fasani, Judy Nylon and Brian Foster, Kasper Toeplitz, Katie O’Looney, Kato Hideki, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Keisuke Oki, Koji Asano, Lauren Weinger, Leon Gruenbaum, Ligeti/Ritchford, Lloop, Lo Galluccio, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Love Todd, Lost Satellites, Luca Formentini, Luciano Margorani, Manu Sauvage, Marc Behrens, Marc C, Marc Ribot, Marek Piacek, Marianne Nowottny, Marie Goyette, Mark Dagley, Mark Howell and Tom Hamilton, Mark Trayle, Martha Mooke, Matt Rogalsky, Matthew Shipp, Merry Fortune w/FAT, Merzbow, Michael J. Schumacher, Mike Cooper and Max Nagl.

Artists on CD 3

Misha Feigin and Steve Good, Murat Nehmet-Nejat, Ned Rothenberg, Nicolas Collins, Nicolas Diab, Nicolas Mazet, Norman Yamada, Oblique, Doug Theriault and David Chandler, Ori Kaplan and Geoff Mann, PAK, Particle Data Group (Bruce Eisenbeil, Steve Swell, Gregg Bendian), Pete Missing, Phill Niblock, Phillip Johnston Transparent Quartet, Piero Chianura, Public Works, QPE, Queen Esther, Raging Peasants, ReproRappers, Roberto Zorzi , Roger Kleier, Hard Time’, Satoko Fuji, Saturnalia, D.J. Spazecrafte One, Stefan Poetzsch, Stefano Bassanese, Stephen Pope, Stephen Vitiello, Steve Dalachinsky, Steve Goldberger, Steve Piccolo, Tape Beatles, Ted Reichman, Telectu (Jorge Lima Barreto and Vitor Rua), The Fitzbergs, Thomas Dimuzio, Tom Devaney, Tony Daniel, Toni Dove (with Paul Geluso), Tracie Morris, Ut Gret , Viv Corringham and Gareth Williams, Vivian Sisters, Voice Crack, Wanda Phipps, We, Wendy Atlas Oxenhor, White Out, Zammuto, Zeena Parkins, Z’ev, Zbigniew Karkowski, Zoot Horn Rollo.