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Here’s an interview conducted by Darwin Grosse on the “Art + Music + Technology” blog. He says…

I’ve know Hans Tammen for quite a while, but almost all of the ‘knowing’ related to his work at Harvestworks in New York. I was surprised, for some reason, when an interview with him was released (and publicized on Facebook) on the Prepared Guitar blog, and I learned a lot about him in just 13 questions.

So I asked about the podcast, and he said “Yes”, and here you go!

I really like the way he talks about his work – it’s as if he is on a constant search for wonderment and surprise, and I found it really inspiring to hear about the lengths he go to in order to keep himself on the edge of his seat. I also liked hearing about the trials involved in managing two large scale ensembles as conductor and composer. 

If you want to see/learn more about Hans Tammen, you can check out his work at tammen.org, and hear/see some of the work embeddded in the Endangered Guitar page.


Podcast page: http://artmusictech.libsyn.com/podcast-076-hans-tammen

Direct download: podcast_076_HTammen.mp3

Darwin Grosse