Andrea Wolf’s Weather has been nice is a series of generative video installations in which vintage found postcards are slowly broken down into their basic elements. Mailed from around the world, with their exaggerated colors and iconic images, these commoditized stereotypical landscapes are non-places – at the same time unknown and familiar. Creating and immersive audiovisual experience, the large-scale projections of ever-changing landscapes will be complemented by a series of sound pieces, embedded in beanbags created with Print All Over Me.

For the first time the text written in the back of the postcards will be incorporated into the installation. Ten sound artists and musicians have been invited to create soundscapes with the transcriptions and recordings of one hundred postcards. Participating artists: Audra Wolowiec, Felipe Cussen, Hans Tammen, Martín Gubbins, Merche Blasco, Nicole L’Huillier, Ricardo Luna (Richi Tunacola), Richard Garet, Sebastián Vergara, Sokio.

More information on Andrea Wolf’s website here.

Weather Has Been Nice has been on display at NewMuseum’s “NEW INC End-of-Year Showcase 2016” in NYC, at Sala de Arte CCU, Santiago de Chile in 2016, and at Skybridge Project Space in 2018.

Original Postcard

At the NewMuseum

Flyer Santiago