Visual Whirlpool

Visual Whirlpool II

Audio-visual performances with
Detlef Landeck – trombone, electronics, loops
Hans Tammen – endangered guitar
Guest: Michael Vorfeld – string instruments, light actions

Visual Whirlpool I (1996)

Giessener Tage für Aktuelle Musik

Visual Whirlpool II (1999)

Site specific performance in an underground parking garage complex in Kassel, sponsored by the City of Kassel as part of their Urban Culture Program.

Visual Whirlpool III (2002)

Trombone and guitar control audio and video at the same time. Using Max/MSP/Jitter, computers track pitch and other parameters in a way to give the artists full control over the video. The performance took place in 2002 at BALI, a 300-seat movie theatre in Kassel, Germany.

Visual Whirlpool III

Detlef Landeck - trombone