Third Eye Orchestra at Czech Center – Concert Excerpts / Photos

Third Eye Orchestra at Czech Center New York, October 2012: ABIOGENESIS II for large ensemble and live sound processing. With Mari Kimura (vio), Jason Hwang (vio), Stephanie Griffin (vla), Tomas Ullrich (cello), Ned Rothenberg (clarinet, bass clarinet), Michael Lytle (clarinet, contra bass clarinet), Briggan Krauss (as, baritone sax), Robert Dick (flutes, contra bass flute), Dafna Naphtali (live sound processing, voice), Denman Maroney (p/kb), Ursel Schlicht (p/kb), Nick Didkovsky (g), Jonas Tauber (b), Satoshi Takeishi (perc), Hans Tammen (composition, conducting, concept).

Cellphone video of last 3 minutes

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