Third Eye Orchestra

Next Concert:

Saturday, May 16th, 3pm, at FIMAV / Victoriaville Festival, Colisée

With Shelley Hirsch (voice), Dafna Naphtali (live sound processing, voice), Mari Kimura (vio), Sarah Bernstein (vio), Jason Hwang (vla), Tomas Ullrich (cello), Ned Rothenberg (cl, bcl), Michael Lytle (cl, bcl, contra bass clarinet), Briggan Krauss (as, baritone sax), Robert Dick (flutes, piccolo), Denman Maroney (p/kb), Shoko Nagai (kb/moog), Nick Didkovsky (g), Stomu Takeishi (b), Satoshi Takeishi (perc), Hans Tammen (composition, conducting, concept).

Travel support for the performance at FIMAV is provided by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant!

Third Eye Orchestra

“I have felt that the conditions of spontaneity and mobility of elements which I have been working with create a more urgent and intense “communication” throughout the entire process, from composing to the final realization of a work, I prefer that each “final form,” which each performance necessarily produces, be a collaborative adventure, and that the work and its conditions of human involvement remain a ‘living’ potential of engagement.” (Earle Brown, General Directions For Performance)

Originally inspired by a performance of the David Murray Bigband conducted by Craig Harris at the Knitting Factory some time in the 90s, Hans Tammen heavily borrows from Charles Ives’ polytonality, Steve Coleman’s rhythmic complexity, Karlheinz Stockhausen’s organization of sounds and Earle Brown’s open form approach to form – to create a large multi-movement piece for a 15-piece ensemble + live sound processing.

“Everything about Third Eye Orchestra… indicates mastery and control” (Howard Mandel / CD Liner Notes)

He received composer commissions for the Third Eye Orchestra from the American Composers Forum, underwritten by the Jerome Fondation, and the New York State Council On The Arts (NYSCA). The CD was produced with funds from the New York State Music Funds, travel support for the orchestra’s performance at 2015’s FIMAV/Victoriaville Festival provided by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

The core ensemble in New York City consists of string quartet, wind/brass quartet, two pianos/keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion, voice and live sound processing. The ensemble released a CD of a 2006 Roulette performance as “Antecedent / Consequent” on the Innova label. All About Jazz called the music “nothing short of breathtaking”, and “a masterpiece of musical evocation”.

Playlist on YouTube

Performance Excerpts

A version for an all-electronics ensemble see here: Third Eye Dark Circuits Orchestra

CD-Recording on Innova: Antecedent/Precedent

Link to the CD page: “Third Eye Orchestra“, recorded 2006, released on Innova in 2008. To purchase, see the Innova site here.

NYC Third Eye Orchestra Performers:

Live Sound Processing & Voice: Dafna Naphtali
Violins: Mari Kimura, Jason Hwang, David Soldier, Sarah Bernstein, Mark Feldman, Rebecca Cherry
Viola: Stephanie Griffin, Jason Hwang
Cello: Tomas Ullrich, Ha-Yang Kim, Alex Waterman
Reeds: Briggan Kraus, Marty Ehrlich, Ned Rothenberg, Ferdinand Rexforth, Eddy Rollin, Michael Lytle, Josh Sinton
Flutes: Robert Dick, Marty Ehrlich
Trombone: Detlef Landeck, Chris McIntyre
Trumpet: Herb Robertson
Piano/Keyboard: Ursel Schlicht, Denman Maroney, Shoko Nagai
Guitar: Nick Didkovsky
Accordion: Andrea Parkins
Voice: Shelley Hirsch
Electronics: Matthew Ostrowski
Theremin/Gongs: David Simons
Bass: Stomu Takeishi, Jonas Tauber
Percussion: Satoshi Takeishi, Andrew Drury

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