Third Eye Laptop Orchestra

Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Laptop Orchestra uses Earle Brown’s open form composition idea as a starting point to create a large multi-movement piece, performed by an ensemble of laptop performers, analog synths, circuit bent and other electronic instruments.

Oberlin College – Photo by David Badagnani

Workshop and performance employ the techniques of his THIRD EYE ORCHESTRA concept, in which he works with a score that is rearranged every time it is performed, and which is adaptable to any instrumentation.

Third Eye Laptop Workshops have been presented in Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, and in the US. See various options for workshops here.

Full concert recordings with section comments

Full concert recording from November 2009 at CYBERFest St. Petersburg, Russia. With Pavel Cervy, Victor Piperov, Mikhail Chernov, Alexander Grabchilev, Carol Parkinson, Mikhail a crest sator arxenekrohen (bragophone), Sergey Komarov, Alexey Grachev, Dmitri Shubin, Igor Solncev, and Hans Tammen (concept/composition/live arranging).

Recorded Oct 19, 2010 at Oberlin College. Katie Buono (laptop), Christian Smith (drums) + Gabe Stewart (laptop / drum processing), Christoph Irmer (violin) + Alex Overington (laptop / violin processing), Danny Walton (piano) + Meade Bernard (laptop / piano processing), Chris Pierce (guitar/electronics), Charlie Spears (laptop), Sam Fisher (voice), and Hans Tammen (concept/composition/live arranging/score-on-subwoofer-rattling)

St. Petersburg Concert Videos

Fierce Groove Excerpt

Sparse Sounds Excerpt

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