Third Eye Electric Band

Concert in Essen, with Lars Kukliski - tp, Dimitri Markitantov - as, Ferdinand Rexforth - ts, Rudi Scheipner - bcl/cl/ts, Romel Stoica - tb, Martin Lelgemann - ep, Michael Koball - vibes, Mark Meier - g, Joker Nies - electronics, Andreas Pientka - eb, Tarik Dosdogru - dr

Unsettling, frantic and anti-sentimental, Hans Tammen’s Third Eye Electric Band – for whom machine oil is mother’s milk – fuse relentless polyrhythmic maneuvers with ethereal yet roughly sewn soundscapes. Dark, sometimes brooding ensemble passages mix and mingle with tightly woven drum-loops, and extended solo cadenzas build up to a mighty hymn to machine work, music of a metallic nightmare.

A Bandcamp-only release, recorded during a series of 6 concerts in Russia 2013. These open form compositions present highlights from 3 of the concerts, performed in Yaroslavl, Rybinsk and Ivanovo. With Stasik Mainugin (ts ss melodica), Stasik Kashirin (g), Vadim Mainugin (kb), Sergey Kuznetsov (harmonica), Alexander Satkov (tb), Alexander Sakurov (ts, Ivanovo only), Arkadij Gromov (b) and Alexandra Mogilevich (dr).

A Bandcamp-only release recorded during Soundsymposium 2004 in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, this is my first "binary conducted" performance.