Dark Circuits Festival November 2017: lightbulbs, A/V synths, LED structures, fluorescent lights, projection mapping and more.

In "Methods Of Expansion And Contraction" disparate scenes and subjects form a continuous montage of contrastive timbres, textures and sonic eruptions, occasionally interrupted by quiet pulses. The work is presented on a 16-channel sound system, the sounds were created on a Buchla Music Easel and Hordijk Blippoo Box.

60×60 is a one-hour-long show made by sequencing 60 pre-recorded pieces by 60 different composers, each piece a minute in length or shorter. A unique collaboration between VoxNovus / Robert Voisey and Harvestworks in New York City to create a 5.1 surround sound mix, this 60x60 presentation is now available in other sound art galleries and presentation spaces.

Multichannel Endangered Guitar Works generally consist of two independent voices simultaneously drawn from the hybrid interactive guitar/software instrument. In realtime created and processed from guitar manipulations, sounds are distributed to a single voice located somewhere in the room, and to a micropolyphonic/polyrhythmic pattern on the speakers surrounding the audience.

As part of 1997's documenta city program, Michael Vorfeld and Hans Tammen created an immersive visual and sound installation in the Kassel planetarium, using the computer-controlled Zeiss 1015 planetarium projector, set against low-tech light sources such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent light, neon light, light boxes, torches, and slide projectors; and a surround sound performance created with a wide array of mechanical preparations (including brushes, small stones, electric fans, cigarette lighters, Ebows and chopsticks) from guitars, and a theremin.