AHA1802, recorded 1994, released 2018. Total Time 58:39 Minutes.Recorded live at Kulturhaus Dock 4, Kassel Germany, March 1994. Hans Tammen – Guitar Solo.

AHA 1401, recorded 1998, rereleased on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 62 Minutes. Works by Martin Speicher after paintings by sculptor and painter Harald Jegodziensky.

Dom Minasi + Hans Tammen: Two guitars creating music where complex rhythms constantly morph from one to the other, flowing seamlessly like streams in a river.

AHA 1002, recorded 2000/2001, released 2011 on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 58:27 Minutes. Marianne Schuppe - voice, Hans Tammen - endangered guitar, Georg Wolf - bass, Michael Vorfeld percussion, string instruments.

NurNichtNur, recorded September 2002, released 2006 on German label NurNichtNur. Total Time: 66:17 Minutes.

"Three Channel Guitar" on EMF CD 028, released by Electronic Music Foundation. Total Time: 171 minutes. 171 artists on this three-CD-set. This is the fifth "State of the Union" release by Elliott Sharp.

Jazzorca 014, recorded 2000, released 2002. Total Time 73:16. Recorded live at Ex Teresa del Arte, Mexico City, during a 10-day stay with STATEMENTS, the duo with pianist Ursel Schlicht.