Blatant Lies is a battle of analog and digital sounds as Hans Tammen and Adam Rokhsar use modular synths and the sensors hidden in smart phones to make a new form of dance music.

Under the name DIE SCHRAUBER, veteran circuit bender Joker Nies (Cologne), Mario deVega (Mexico City) on amplified objects and turntables, and Hans Tammen (New York) on Endangered Guitar and live sound processing, the trio produces a wide variety of dense musical textures and high-energy interaction, with Paul Geluso channeling the trio's sounds through his newly designed "3D Sound Object".
The duo of Michael Vorfeld and Satoshi Takeishi creates sounds out of incandescent lights and various amplified objects to create an analog and multi-layered sound and light performance.

The Dead Sea Horns are Dan Blake, Ras Moshe, Yoni Kretzmer on saxophones and other woodwind instruments, and Bob Hovey on trombone. Hans Tammen plays the cyclebox. As Plutarch remarked: "Good listening is the point of departure for living well."

Under the name RISK MANAGEMENT, the music of Bruce Gremo and Hans Tammen is structured around playing techniques and instrument schemes which are by nature and by design precarious. Bruce Gremo is performing on the Cilia, his patented flute-controller instrument, originally developed in part through a grant from Harvestworks a decade ago. Hans Tammen plays an analog modular synthesizer built around chaotic behaviors.