Endangered Guitar

Hans Tammen performs “Conflict of Interest”, sonifying his own personal genetic analysis. Written for the Endangered Guitar, a hybrid interactive software/guitar instrument, this data set controls sonic processing as well as 8-channel spatialization in realtime.

"Case Study: The Endangered Guitar" is included in a book published by Springer Singapore: Musical Instruments in the 21st Century - Identities, Configurations, Practices. Editors: Bovermann, T., de Campo, A., Egermann, H., Hardjowirogo, S.-I., Weinzierl, S. (Eds.). (c) 2017.

The Endangered Guitar is featured at SoundTrips NRW in December 2016 and in a few other concerts and lectures. Plus, the tour starts off with Third Eye Orchestra's Ruhr Edition.

The symposium focuses on the many different identities and forms of contemporary musical instruments, as they are recognised from the broad range of involved disciplines, thereby contributing to a better understanding of the conditions of instrumentality in the digital age.

Clang 026, recorded 2012, released 2015 on Clang. Total Time: 38:39 Minutes. Satoshi Takeishi – percussion; Hans Tammen – endangered guitar, guitar and percussion live sound processing