The material for BRUCHHARSCH was created at a residency at Signal Culture in May 2017. The audio synthesizers were set up first, and control voltage from those synths playing was used to influence the video synths.

RADIO WONDERLAND's Joshua Fried has curated another diverse night of adventurous new music that's truly danceable. Dance music legend Peter Gordon, virtuoso new music mainstay Todd Reynolds, avant hip-hop producer ewonee join RADIO WONDERLAND and a brand new trio with Fried, Hans Tammen and Izzi Ramkissoon: The Ramkissoon Tammen Fried Machine, or RTFM!

In "Methods Of Expansion And Contraction" disparate scenes and subjects form a continuous montage of contrastive timbres, textures and sonic eruptions, occasionally interrupted by quiet pulses. The work is presented on a 16-channel sound system, the sounds were created on a Buchla Music Easel and Hordijk Blippoo Box.

As part of Chuck Bettis' Stone Residency: with Dafna Naphtali - voice and live sound processing, Chuck Bettis - electronics + throat, Levy Lorenzo - custom electronic musical instruments, Hans Tammen - analogue synth