RADIO WONDERLAND's Joshua Fried has curated another diverse night of adventurous new music that's truly danceable. Dance music legend Peter Gordon, virtuoso new music mainstay Todd Reynolds, avant hip-hop producer ewonee join RADIO WONDERLAND and a brand new trio with Fried, Hans Tammen and Izzi Ramkissoon: The Ramkissoon Tammen Fried Machine, or RTFM!

In "Methods Of Expansion And Contraction" disparate scenes and subjects form a continuous montage of contrastive timbres, textures and sonic eruptions, occasionally interrupted by quiet pulses. The work is presented on a 16-channel sound system, the sounds were created on a Buchla Music Easel and Hordijk Blippoo Box.

As part of Chuck Bettis' Stone Residency: with Dafna Naphtali - voice and live sound processing, Chuck Bettis - electronics + throat, Levy Lorenzo - custom electronic musical instruments, Hans Tammen - analogue synth