Binary Conducting

APHERESIS is a large multi-movement piece by Hans Tammen for 14 performers of custom-made electronic instruments. The piece is performed by Matthew Ostrowski, Andrea Parkins, Dafna Naphtali, Miguel Frasconi, Phillip Stearns, Philip White, Joshua Fried, Shoko Nagai, Maria Chavez, Satoshi Takeishi, Joker Nies, Mario DeVega, Lars Graugaard and Michael Vorfeld. Prior to the APHERESIS performance, the ensemble will present their own version of "live coding" by creating a "littleBits Monster Synth" from 20 kits of the popular Korg littleBits synth.

A Bandcamp-only release, recorded during a series of 6 concerts in Russia 2013. These open form compositions present highlights from 3 of the concerts, performed in Yaroslavl, Rybinsk and Ivanovo. With Stasik Mainugin (ts ss melodica), Stasik Kashirin (g), Vadim Mainugin (kb), Sergey Kuznetsov (harmonica), Alexander Satkov (tb), Alexander Sakurov (ts, Ivanovo only), Arkadij Gromov (b) and Alexandra Mogilevich (dr).

Hans Tammen's Third Eye Laptop Orchestra performing on 4/4/13 in the Cimenelli Recital hall at Buffalo State College. The Third Eye Laptop Orchestra uses Earle Brown's open form composition idea as a starting point to create a large multi-movement piece, performed by an ensemble of laptop performers, analog synth players, circuit benders and other electronic musicians.

Innova 225, recorded 2006 at Roulette, New York, released 2008 on Innova, the label of the American Composers Forum. Total Time: 79:34 Minutes.

A Bandcamp-only release recorded during Soundsymposium 2004 in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, this is my first "binary conducted" performance.