Shadow Puppies – Project Overview

“Shadow Puppies unites three of New York’s most distinctive sonic experimentalists in endangered guitar improviser Tammen, Dr. Nerve conceptualist Didkovsky and gauzy videographher Ralske – all of whom double on electronics.” – Time Out New York

Nick Didkovsky – guitar, homebrew software
Hans Tammen – guitar, homebrew software
Kurt Ralske – video, homebrew software

Shadow Puppies is a cutting edge trio which conjures rich, complex, and entrancing worlds of electronic sound and vision in real-time. Nick Didkovsky and Hans Tammen stretch the boundaries of tabletop electric guitar with an arsenal of objects, electronics, and homebrew computer software, while Kurt Ralske interactively captures and processes video using digital technology of his own design. The result is an uninterrupted journey through sonic eruptions, video hallucinations, and aggressive, entrancing mediascapes.

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