RAM Salon Bruit Radio Program Nov 27

20:00 (Berlin time)
Salon Bruit > RAM Special (CoLaboRadio)
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Show mit und über experimentelle Musik in und um die Berliner Szene.

Special on the series RAM that ran over the last year on a monthly basis in Salon Bruit at K77- Lichtblick Kino.


RAM-Salon Bruit 1 HOUR Radio Program 
Excerpts from concerts and music related to RAM series
RAM.01 – Hannes Lingens – Drums
RAM.08 – Vinyl Terror & Horror – Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen -multible deconstructed turntables and cut-up records
RAM.06 – Hans Tammen – Guitar-Controlled Live Sound Processing
RAM.03 – ART IN RELEASES (New Release at Audition Records) – Ansgar Wilken – Cello & pedal
RAM.05 – ART IN RELEASES   (New Release at Audition Records) – Andrea Belfi – nord modular synthesizer, electroharmonix
RAM.07 L’esprit De L´escalier, Music by Jorge Sad & Gest(u)alt Ensamble (AR) Drums by Claudio Eiriz. Work based on “Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu” by Antonin Artaud. Samples taken from A.A. [Modisti-Audition Records]
RAM.07 – Anaïs Tuerlinckx -broken piano
RAM.04 – Derek Shirley “bau des kabinets” (for solo Kontrabass)
RAM.02 – Els Vandeweyer – Vibraphone
RAM.02- Jürg Bariletti – Acoustic-lab.-top-mobile
RAM.05 Fredrik Olofsson – “redShift” (graphics generated from the spectrum of the sound)