Proprioception (Body Awareness 2017)

SATURATE(D): disrupting the scramble of (current) media oversaturation‘ seeks to disrupt and decontextualize the current/changing state of digital media.

On display April 3rd to May 31:

While everyone consumes media, the chaos of information is overwhelming — yet subtly limiting. We gather information from glowing, easily accessible, seemingly objective screens. But is our information real? Are there biases within the content itself?

SATURATE(D) seeks to scramble the stream, to take media into our own hands. There are currently workings to prevent us from wading through this chaos on our own. This is not normal. SATURATE(D) seeks to highlight this fact, to remind us to stay awake.

Artists include Alan Page, Dave Mosier, Benjamin J Glas-Hochstettler, Rebecca Shapass, ariella tai, Bernardo A. Pantoja, Tara Youngborg, manuel abreu, Hans Tammen, Jodi Darby, Jason Bernagozzi, Rob Feulner and Sara Bonaventura.

SATURATE(D) is curated by Sarah Turner and Alan Page, Fall 2017 New Media Fellow. This project was made possible with support from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

“Proprioception (Body Awareness 2017)” is an assemblage of historic imagery, 70’s experimental video practices, and modern-day chaotic audio procedures. John Heartfield was a pioneer using collage and photomontage as a means to fight militarism and fascism in Europe. The work juxtaposes two camera streams pointing to Heartfield’s imagery and to crosshairs from an analog videoscope, using video processing equipment built in the 1970’s – a technology that was made to facilitate alternative, experimental and open practices. The processing in turn is controlled by audio from a modern-day synthesizer using chaotic procedures.

Proprioception (Body Awareness 2017) is made with support from Signal Culture / Owego, NY, using analog video processing equipment created in the 1970s.