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Photo Credit: Ashok MehtaFor the web / medium...
RGB-JPEG, 800 x 467 pixel, 220KB

For print media...
CMYK-JPEG, 2803 x 1663 pixel, 1MB
Photo Credit: Jörg SteinmetzFor the web / medium...
RGB-JPEG, 1000 x 1000 pixel, 370KB

For the web / large...
RGB-JPEG, 3000 x 3000 pixel, 5MB

For print media:
TIF, 6851 x 6851 pixel, 45MB
Photo Credit: Jörg SteinmetzFor the web...
RGB-JPEG, 400 x 590 pixel, 56KB

For print media:
CMYK-JPEG, 1350 x 1992 pixel, 1.7MB
Photo Credit: ExaltronFor the web...
RGB-JPEG, 800 x 593 pixel, 91KB

For print media:
CMYK-JPEG, 2500 x 1854 pixel, 1.9MB
Photo Credit: Emilio VavarellaFor the web...
RGB-JPEG, 1000 x 1212 pixel, 320KB

For print media:
CMYK-JPEG, 2208 x 2676 pixel, 6.3MB
Photo Credit: Leo RauhFor the web...
RGB-JPEG, 1200 x 470 pixel, 484KB

For print media:
CMYK-JPEG, 3715 x 1455 pixel, 1.3MB
Photo Credit: Scott FriedlanderFor the web...
RGB-JPEG, 1200 x 507 pixel, 580K

For print media:
CMYK-JPEG, 1800 x 761 pixel, 1.6MB

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