PERCUSSORES for tabla machine and live sound processing

“The celebrated automata (of the eighteenth century) were not only a way of illustrating an organism, they were also political puppets, small-scale models of power. Frederick (the Great), the meticulous king of small machines, well-trained regiments and long exercises, was obsessed with them”. (Michel Foucault)

By using a table machine as a sound source, and a software that “listens” to the audio input to then determine the parameters of the live sound processing, two automata playing off against each other, creating an alien world of bizarre textures and polyrhythmic maneuvers.

Premiered May 2015 at AB UNO PLURIBUS, Curated & produced by WvS, Co-producer: Miah Artola. Kurt Ralske provided the visuals!

PERCUSSORES Excerpt (loud)

PERCUSSORES Excerpt (sparse)