Third Eye Orchestra Ruhr Edition

Concert in Essen, with Lars Kukliski - tp, Dimitri Markitantov - as, Ferdinand Rexforth - ts, Rudi Scheipner - bcl/cl/ts, Romel Stoica - tb, Martin Lelgemann - ep, Michael Koball - vibes, Mark Meier - g, Joker Nies - electronics, Andreas Pientka - eb, Tarik Dosdogru - dr

The Endangered Guitar is featured at SoundTrips NRW in December 2016 and in a few other concerts and lectures. Plus, the tour starts off with Third Eye Orchestra's Ruhr Edition.

2x Cassette Box, miniaturized study score, liner notes and individualized packaging. Released 2016 on Gold Bolus Records. Numbered edition of 50. "Assemblage 1" by Hans Tammen recorded and released 2016.

In a rare appearance at The Firehouse Space in NYC, German pianist Peter Geisselbrecht will present songs by Brecht / Eisler expressing solitude, grieving and longing of the refugee.

The symposium focuses on the many different identities and forms of contemporary musical instruments, as they are recognised from the broad range of involved disciplines, thereby contributing to a better understanding of the conditions of instrumentality in the digital age.

Following Hans Tammen's "Dark Circuits" Festival in June 2014, Spectrum's "Dark Circuits Series" features performers who work in contemporary electronic music practices such as circuit bending, no-input mixers, laptops, turntablism, analogue circuitry, network sniffers, live coding and soldering, plus other instruments we may have never heard of yet.

Andrea Wolf's "Weather has been nice" is a series of generative video installations in which found vintage postcards are broken down into their elements. Creating an immersive audiovisual experience, the large-scale projections of ever-changing landscapes will be complemented by a recording of the sound pieces, embedded in beanbags created with Print All Over Me.

The Harbour Symphony is original music written for the horns of the ships in the St. John’s harbour. This signature fanfare of the Sound Symposium transforms the ships in the harbour into an orchestra on water.

Rolling Bösendorfer is another installment of my work that focuses on mechanical sounds produced by remotely controllable instruments. The piece was performed at the Pianos Without Organs Festival October 2016, in Raleigh, NC.