“…a connoisseur of creative perversity”

The Wire

Endangered Guitar


Dark Circuits Orchestra


Third Eye Orchestra

Hans Tammen and Third Eye Orchestra at Galapagos Art Space on May 27, 2009

Oscillatory Motions


"…a killer tour de force of post everything guitar damage."

Larry Nai / Signal To Noise

"The cream of New York avant scene delivered the musical goods in a thrilling 75-minute display that combined individual virtuosity in a cohesive and fun-filled framework."

Irwin Block / Avant Music News about Third Eye Orchestra


Live Sound Processing

Projects using the Endangered Guitar software for electronic sound processing on percussion, string and wind instruments.


Die Schrauber

With veteran circuit bender Joker Nies (Cologne), Mario deVega (Berlin) on amplified objects and turntables, and Hans Tammen (New York) on Endangered Guitar.

Hans Tammen's Iron Foundry (Extended String Quartet: Sarah Bernstein – violin, Jason Kao Hwang – viola, Thomas Ulrich – cello, Jonas Tauber – contrabass with Satoshi Takeishi – percussion and Hans Tammen – string quartet live sound processing, binary conducting): 06-04-13 INTAR

Iron Foundry

Tightly woven rhythms and sonic dissonances of a “low string quartet” (violas, cello and contrabass) plus percussion mix with the alien world of bizarre textures emerging from the electronic live sound processing.


Third Eye Electric Band

Dark, sometimes brooding ensemble passages mix and mingle with tightly woven drum-loops, and extended solo cadenzas build up to a mighty hymn to machine work, music of a metallic nightmare.




Curated Events

Innenleben einer Maschine



Multichannel Works

“A bracing sequence of seismic dynamics, barbarous stabs of modified frequencies, snippets taken from heaven-knows-what-third-world-radio, children at play with their own atomization, ominous manipulations…, problematic timbral layerings, rhythms that would not remain in place if nailed with a mallet.”

Massimo Ricci / Touching Extremes about Die Schrauber