Miguel Frasconi and Hans Tammen – Buchla


Wednesday, Dec 23, at 9pm
Popper’s Locarno
1563 Decatur St (entrance on Wycoff St), New York, NY 11385

Archive on WFMU

This show (as well as others) have been broadcast on WFMU in June 2016 on Ridgewood Radio. See the full playlist below:

Music behind DJ:
assorted african
Beds, Interstitial music: pre-show opener and bed 1: song: Manotolo Trombo, artist: Monja, album: Marovany Solo theme: song: Kulira Kwambewa, artist: Malawi Mouse Boys, album: Forever is 4 You, label: Omnivore Recordings, 2016 bed 2: song: Dumbumayimayi, artist: LAnga Traditional Singers, Album: Lockshini Songs from the township of Langa,2000, label: Colophon bed3: song: Arabe Vita Godrô, artist: Feo-Gasy, album: Ramano, Madagascar, 2000. label: Daqui bed 4: Manotolo Trombo, artist: Monja, album: Marovany Solo bed5: song: Raha tsy ao aminoa ny fanahy, artist: Senge, album: Fatedra, 2003, label: Cobalt Meoldie
Dewanatron (Brian and Leon Dewan) Live at MoMA PS1  Options PS1 Warm Up series 2007 produced by D.Weinstein Brian and Leon Dewan, handmade electronic instruments known as Dewanatron
Dafna Naphtali/Chuck Bettis Live Set Produced by D.Watson  Options Live set curated/produced by D.Watson 2016 Live set recorded 12/16/2016 from the Lock It Down series at the Sump/Poppers Locarno Dafna Naphtali,voice,electronics, Chuck Bettis, electronics, throat
George Cremaschi & Matthew Ostrowski Live at The Sump  Options Recorded 3/15/2016 as part of David Watson’s Lock It Down series Cremaschi contrabass and feedback, Ostrowski custom software ad electronics
Music behind DJ:
Hans Tammen/Miguel Frasconi
Live Set Produced by D.Watson and D.Linton Options Live set curated/produced by D.Watson and D. Linton live set recorded 12/23/2015 from the Lock it Down Series at the Sump Poppers Locarno Hans Tammen and Miguel Frasconi, Buchla modular electronsic music systems