Dark Circuits MakeMusic NY MassAppeals

Make Music NY is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year, with over 1,000 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs. http://makemusicny.org/. One of Make Music New York’s signatures, the Mass Appeal series is giving New Yorkers without groups of their own a chance to take part in the music-making, by gathering numerous musicians to play pieces written for single types of instruments.

2017: Dark Circuits Orchestra

At NYU Steinhardt Music Technology Program, 1 drummer and 19 performers using a wide variety of electronic instruments, such as laptops with Max/MSP or Ableton Live, Kaoscillators, Beebot iPhone synth, arduino-based noise makers, etc.

2016: Dark Circuits Modular Synth Orchestra

At CultureHub, this was an ensemble of synthesizer players, using Eurorack, Moog, but also self designed instruments, vintage Novation A-station, and a theremin.

2015: littleBits Orchestra

The littleBits are tiny synthesizer modules connected via magnets for quick changes in the signal chain, fitting into the littleBits modular system for infinite combinations of audio experience. Workshop and performance took place at Made in NY Media Center by IFP.

2013: Laptop Orchestra

This workshop and performance at CultureFix, a bar and performance space in the Lower East Side, has been focusing on laptop performers.

2012: Instrument and Amplifier Building Workshop & Orchestra

Following a day-long workshop at Harvestworks by Phillip Stearns, the participants presented their custom made instruments and amplifiers at Dumbo Archway under the Manhattan Bridge.