Dark Circuits Workshop Options

1) All-Star Festival Performance

Such as 2009 at Cyberfest, St. Petersburg, Russia. One afternoon to get acquainted with the score and the conducting signs, followed by the performance.

2) Workshop

Such as 2010 at Oberlin College. In addition to get ready for the score, the workshop focuses on musical and technical issues specifically to electronic instruments, followed by the public performance.

3) Max/MSP Intensive Workshop

Such as 2012 at CalArts. Ideally this is a one-week beginner’s workshop, in which an instrument is created that can be used in performance. Every day focuses on one specific part of the instrument, followed by a short practice session with the score. The workshop ends with a final public performance.


1) Primarily laptops, augmented with other instrumentation if needed

Such as 2009 Cyberfest St. Petersburg or 2010 Gogolfest Kiev performances.

2) Circuit Bending, no-input mixers, analogue circuitry and synths, noise makers

…and other creative ways to produce sounds electronically, such as the Third Eye Bent Festival Orchestra 2011, or the littleBits Workshop at MakeMusicNY 2014 (see below).

3) Live Sound Processing

At Oberlin College we paired an acoustic with a laptop performer for individual live sound processing.

littleBits Workshop at MakeMusicNY / Dark Circuits Festival

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