VIDEO: Jonas Tauber Quartet at ShapeShifter Lab

tauberJonas Tauber – bass, Billy Mintz – drums, John Gross – tenorsax, Hans Tammen – cyclebox

Thursday, May 22nd, 8:15pm, ShapeShifter Lab

18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215, (646) 820-9452


JONAS TAUBER has moved through instruments and styles from cello through upright bass to the electric bass, with which the quest of true freedom of expression seems to have manifested in the closest possible way. Collaborations with such artists as Itzhak Perlman, John Hollenbeck, Hans Tammen, Art Resnick, as well as participation in Ensemble Modern, La Chappelle Rhenane, and Pink Martini, coupled with intensive dream interpretation and lifelong training in the art of harmony, Aikido, opened doors to a specific type of shadow work and conflict resolution which the compositions that are written for this quartet represent, using parameters of notation and improvisation combined.

JOHN GROSS performed in the bands of Shelly Manne and Toshiko, countless other jazz greats, wrote a definitive book on multiphonics, and continues to surprise and please audiences world wide with depth of sound, expression, heart, skill, passion, and intense musical exploration. The element of true artistry comes through in his playing which juxtaposes the deep understanding of tradition with undying curiosity to explore.

BILLY MINTZ, the master sound painter, creator of expressionistic delicacy, true orchestrator on the drum set, is the author of one of the definitive books on stick technique, educator, and a constant inspiration to instrumentalists of all types. I know no other true listener like him and it’s a pleasure to have him enhancing our every musical thought.

HANS TAMMEN is a creative force unlike anyone I have met, consistently searching, expanding, surprising through both instruments and compositional techniques — creator and music director of Third-Eye Orchestra, his output includes a wonderful collaboration with Denman Maroney in a duo, Die Schrauber which is an electronica trio, a presentation with movement artist Fine Kwiatkowsky, among countless others. The modular analog synthesizer adds another dimension to the element of surprise for this quartet which challenges everyone to listen, adjust, and come to terms with their musical shadow.