Iron Foundry Ensemble

Hans Tammen’s IRON FOUNDRY is Third Eye Orchestra’s string quartet plus percussion. The score consolidates tightly woven rhythms and sonic dissonances of the “low string quartet” (violin, viola, cello and contrabass) plus percussion with the alien world of bizarre textures emerging from the electronic live sound processing.

Sarah Bernstein, Jason Hwang, Tomas Ulrich and Jonas Tauber at the strings, Satoshi Takeishi at the percussion provide fiery and energetic ensemble passages mixed and mingled with extended solo cadenzas, which are in turn electronically captured, and processed into radically contrastive and fascinating noises emanating from Hans Tammen’s interactive software. Critics called Hans Tammen’s music “nothing short of breathtaking”, and “a masterpiece of musical evocation”.

Hans Tammenand and Satoshi Takeishi: 06-04-13 INTAR