Endangered Guitar

Guitar-Controlled Live Sound Processing

Photo: Ashok Mehta

The Endangered Guitar is a journey through the land of unending sonic operations, an interactive hybrid between a guitar and a computer. The software “listens” to the playing, to then determine the parameters of the live sound processing.

The guitar is the sound source, but the same sound is also used to control the software. Sounds of the guitar are processed in realtime, pitch and various other parameters of the actual playing serve as control source of the processing. Additional control sources are a proximity sensor and accelerometer data from the iPhone.

Endangered Guitar Max/MSP Patch

Current projects sometimes use sound input from other players to be processed, but the live sound processing is still controlled by guitar sounds.

Hybrid Instrument Versions 2000s

Pre-Computer Versions 1990s

Hybrid Instrument Videos 2000s

Here Arts Center 2010 Copenhagen 2010
Oslo 2009 IssueProjectRoom 2006
Brooklyn/Rake 2004 (1) Brooklyn/Rake 2004 (2)
Mexico City 2005 (1) Mexico City 2005 (2)
Baltimore Red Room 2003

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