Endangered Guitar

"…a killer tour de force of post everything guitar damage."

Larry Nai, Signal To Noise

Guitar-Controlled Live Sound Processing

The Endangered Guitar is a journey through the land of unending sonic operations, an interactive hybrid between a guitar and a computer. The software “listens” to the playing, to then determine the parameters of the live sound processing.

The guitar is the sound source, but the same sound is also used to control the software. Sounds of the guitar are processed in realtime, pitch and various other parameters of the actual playing serve as control source of the processing. Currently, additional control sources are provided by a Leap Motion Controller.

Hybrid Interactive Instruments

Thoughts On The Endangered Guitar in an article for “Berlin Almanac on Contemporary Musical Instruments”. Why is it “hybrid”, and why is it an “interactive instrument”? Read here…

Why That Name?

There are a few reasons why I called it “Endangered” Guitar. Read here…

Works For Multichannel Systems

Over the years I have been presenting numerous Endangered Guitar works for multichannel systems, from 5.1 to Wavefield Synthesis systems. Read here…

Other Instruments

For these projects the software has been further developed to allow for sound input from other players to be processed. Instead of the guitar, audio from these players is used to control the parameters of the live sound processing. Read here…

“…fingers stuck in a high-voltage outlet”

Touching Extremes, Massimo Ricci

Playlist Solo

Playlist Ensembles

"Hans Tammen has his own way of playing the guitar…"

New York Times

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