Oct 27: Conflict Of Interest at Festival Audible Datastreams Berlin

Friday, Oct 27th at 8pm
Festival Sonfications – Audible Datastreams
Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 4a, 10115 Berlin

Hans Tammen performs “Conflict of Interest”, sonifying his own personal genetic analysis. Written for the Endangered Guitar, a hybrid interactive software/guitar instrument, this data set controls sonic processing as well as 8-channel spatialization in realtime. The piece also uses the data to interfere with the performer’s intentions. Hans Tammen’s genetic data set consists of approx. 600,000 lines of genetic variations, and was cross-referenced with approx. 150,000 research articles from publicly available databases. Data that is not associated with health issues, but with “identity” as a largely arbitrary, socially and historically constructed concept, is coming up at unexpected places, disrupts the performance and pushes the piece in a new direction.

Panel: Sonifikation versus Komposition
with: Hans Tammen (USA), Ricardo Climent (UK), Julian Klein / Prof. Marc Bangert (Key‐Note, D), Prof. Stefan Weinzierl (D). Moderation: Prof. Michael Harenberg (CH)
Sunday, Oct 29th at 5:30 – 7pm

Festival Sonfications – Audible Datastreams
Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 4a, 10115 Berlin

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From the festival announcement:
What does a pulsar sound like? What noises are made at night by a dreaming human brain? What might we hear when New York guitarist Hans Tammen sonifies his own DNA data live on stage during his “Endangered Guitar”? Weather scenarios are sonified in a performance, a Swiss Alpine panorama is transformed into a concert soundscape.

Sonification is a subject at the interface between science and art. Sonification derives from the Latin “sonus” (sound) and “-fication” from the Latin “facere” (make), so “to make into sound”. Technically speaking, sonification refers to the process of making data audible. Its historical roots date back to the pre-Socratic time. Pythagoras, who used acoustic experiments on a monochord to demonstrate mathematical relationships, follows the tradition of doing research by ear. Web-traffic, ocean currents, seismic activity, resonant behavior of atoms or microbial data are made into an aesthetical experience in a fascinating manner.

The music festival presents works of famous composers such as Alvin Lucier and Terry Fox. Special attention is given to live experience – the direct, sensory experience of sonification.

The festival offers an impressive cross-over of concerts, performances, discourse and a sound bar, that includes five sound installations. From Friday 27th to Sunday 29th of October 2017 the Berlin Society of New Music (BGNM) presents the festival “Sonifications – Audible Data Streams”, with a comprehensive selection of works around the subject, in the Villa Elisabeth and gallery zqm. A special highlight awaits audiences with two concerts of debut performances of commissioned works for string quartet, performance and objects from the club scene at the intersection between e- and u-music.