Choking Disklavier in St. Petersburg on Nov 23-28, 2012

CYBERFEST – is the only International festival of cybernetic art in Russia (i.e. art, that combines living, biological and somatic substance with technical and computer devices). CYBERFEST is carried by CYLAND media laboratory, organized by National Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg Branch and non-commercial organization Saint Petersburg Arts Project, New York.

Cyberfest presents THE CHOKING DISKLAVIER as part of their sound art lounge.

Sound art, curator Sergey Komarov

1. Laurie Spiegel (USA), Unseen worlds
2. Don Slepian (USA)
3. Mark Hannenson The Safety of Blankets
4. Alex Pleninger (Russia) Vox Populi
5. Dmitriy VTOL Morozov (Russia)
6. (Russia) Quietzone
7. top40 (Russia) top40 compilation
8. Hans Tammen (USA) The Choking Disklavier
9. Kurvenschreiber (Russia) Kurventroniks

Sat, 24th, from 17h to 23h
Sun, 25th, from 16h to 23h
Mon, 26th, from 16h to 23h
Tue, 27th, from 16h to 23h
Wed, 28th, from 16h to 21h

Location: ART re.FLEX.
Address: проспект Бакунина, 5, г. Санкт-Петербург, Russia, 191024

Imagine the Disklavier in the center of the stage, the composer/ performer somewhat distant to the side. Several microphones are put into position not over the strings, but this time at the hammers and keys. Remotely controlled by the composer/performer, the piano produces constantly rumbled and crackled noises, often very rhythmically, occasionally ringing strings are added on top, or stopping for a few seconds on a chord.

On a musical level this piece explores the sonic capabilities of the Disklavier machines. These instruments have hidden sonic qualities, and I try to explore these the same way I do with guitars for 20 years. The music will develop slowly, as there is a lot to discover for the listener.

Tecnically the Disklavier is fed too much information at the lowest possible volume. At this point the hammers do not have enough power to bang the strings anymore, and ideally they only vibrate to produce a low rumbling sound. Occasionally the MIDI brain even stops for a few seconds on a chord due to the data overload, hence the title “Choking Disklavier”.

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