CDs and Recordings

See available CDs, and downloadable releases below. CD purchases are preferred, since it cleans out the basement. You can pay with credit card through Paypal, or with your Paypal account. CDs available from this website can be purchased here.

If you prefer downloads, the best deal for musicians is through Bandcamp, since the musician keeps around 80% of the income after all costs are deducted. Recordings that are available on Bandcamp can be accessed here. Believe it or not, iTunes is still the best deal after Bandcamp, in that eventually 50% of the income goes to the musician. If you’re an iTunes fan, my recordings can be purchased on iTunes here.

While you find below only music I have been involved with, I have also released CDs and Vinyl from friends and other interesting composers on my label Acheulian Handaxe. The website with downloads and CD purchase options is here. Since there are many different artists on Acheulian Handaxe, you’d have to search for each artist on iTunes directly.

The music is available on many more download services, just search for our names at the service you like. But remember, we like CDs, Bandcamp and iTunes. And just as a reminder: Streaming our music is not doing us a favor.

  • CD Rothenberg Hein Tammen - Bird Saw Buchla
  • CD Endangered (Noise) Guitar 1994
  • CD Dark Circuits Bunker Orchestra
  • Matthew D Gantt: Iterations
  • CD Endangered Guitar Live - Deus Ex Machina
  • Hirt Lytle Tammen: Twelve Ways Of Saying Yes In 18th Century France
  • Samadi Siwula Tammen: Apām Napāt (آپام نپات)
  • Infernal Machines / Lars Graugaard & Hans Tammen - Rife
  • CD Music For Choking Disklavier
  • CD Equipo: Simulaciones Revisited
  • CD Sharawaji w/ Satoshi Takeishi
  • CAA#20 V/A (World) - Two Square Polycarbonate Lathe Cuts
  • Nachtmuziek Compilation on Nachtstück Records
  • CD Erdtöne: Notation des Lots (Rerelease)
  • CD Die Schrauber Live in Europe
  • CD Alluvium: Dom Minasi + Hans Tammen
  • Third Eye Kvadratura Kruga in Russia 2013
  • CD Arson w/ Denman Maroney
  • Choking Disklavier - 7.5 Inch Polycarbonate Lathe Cut
  • CYBERFEST 2012 Compilation