Die Schrauber

As "Signal To Noise" observed: "They exploit their remarkable control and on-the-fly flexibility on this caffeinated exchange of pointillist fractals, oscillations, whirrs, drones, whizzes, buzzes, slurps, whoops, pops and clacks that bombard and scorch the ears with a heat-seeking intensity."

Under the name DIE SCHRAUBER, veteran circuit bender Joker Nies (Cologne), Mario deVega (Mexico City) on amplified objects and turntables, and Hans Tammen (New York) on Endangered Guitar and live sound processing, the trio produces a wide variety of dense musical textures and high-energy interaction, with Paul Geluso channeling the trio's sounds through his newly designed "3D Sound Object".
The duo of Michael Vorfeld and Satoshi Takeishi creates sounds out of incandescent lights and various amplified objects to create an analog and multi-layered sound and light performance.

Clang 010, recorded 2008, released 2014 on Clang. Total Time: 62:37 Minutes. Hans Tammen - endangered guitar, blippoo box; Joker Nies - omnichord, circuit bent instruments; Mario DeVega - SPK®, amplified objects, blippoo box.

Acheulian Handaxe aha0701, recorded 2005 at TRANSITIO_MX festival Mexico City, released 2007 on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 62 minutes.